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Monthly Expense Reports

Monthly expense reports go by different names depending on your location. Some names include PME, APR, or MPE. All of these names are shorthand for the information that you will be submitting at the end of each month. Below is a list of what goes in those reports and what we will need from you so that you can receive your reimbursements.

Report Items

Ministry Miles

You will need to submit your ministry mileage (which includes the date and purpose of each drive), as well as tolls and parking paid for such drives. Our portal will automatically calculate the dollar amount once you enter your mileage and submit the form.


Meals and food for personal ministry purposes can be entered into the log I have attached to this email. Include the date, purpose, and attendees, along with the total amount spent.

Personal Ministry Supplies

Books for personal study, personal ministry office supplies and subscriptions, entertainment purchases for personal ministry, etc, should be entered into the log I have attached with dates, items, and amounts.

Cell Phone & Internet

Cell phone and internet bills need to be bundled with bill statements attached as PDFs. A January Expense Report should include only January phone and internet bills.

Please be sure to include all invoices, bills and receipts that are $75 or more.

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