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General Requests

General request is for items that you purchase for general (not personal) ministry purposes. These requests should be submitted in the “Payment Requests” section of the portal and can be done piecemeal to your liking. The expenses which fall into this category include but are not limited to:

Travel and Training for meetings and conferences

Facility and equipment rentals

Printing & Postage for the organization

Gifts and Flowers sent from ministry

Large meals for congregation or group dinners

Subscriptions used for ministry purposes

Church supplies

Approved technology upgrades

Additional Notes

*Credit/ Debit Questions: Any items that are paid for using your personal debit or credit card are able to be submitted. However, if you use a church issued debit/credit card, they are not reimbursable to you. Those receipts must be submitted to our church credit/debit card reconciliation person (David Chukwueke,

*For Payment Requests, please be sure to include the name of the payee (you or whomever is owed the money) in the “Title” category. 


*When making your request, please remember that we need receipts for any requests over $75 and we’d like them to be PDF or JPG.

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