Steve Shoff, Lead Evangelist, Burlington, VT

I appreciate all the ways that you serve us as a brother in Christ.  We are blessed to have you as a part of our team! Your vision, wisdom and perspective are of great help to us all!

Christopher Efstathion, Worcester Church of Christ

Our church has really enjoyed having Steve Smith as our administrator. It has been cost-effective to share in his services, yet he has been very responsive to any request or need. One highlight was having Steve down to preach at our service. His faith, zeal for God and knowledge of the Scripture really helped bond our hearts together in Christ as he serves in this important capacity for our church.

Jimmy Allen, Evangelist, Ocean State Church of Christ

In 2008, we found ourselves in need of an administrator who could adequately oversee our current finances, was competent with budgets and projections, had experience in church finances, policies, would respond to our needs and requests in a timely fashion and had a great reputation.  We unanimously agreed STS Consulting, under the direction of Steve Smith, met those parameters.  And since entering into a contract with STS Consulting and Steve, we have not been disappointed.  Steve’s expertise in church finances, budget projections, ministry staff professional needs and insurance issues are some of the services that Steve has provided to us. Reports are received in a timely manner. Steve’s knowledge of the current laws that affect charities and churches have benefitted us greatly.  While STS Consulting has grown in the number of churches they service we have not experienced any let-down in the service we receive.  We have been so pleased with Steve’s service and product that we continue to renew our contracts with him.  STS Consulting delivers.  We’d highly recommend STS Consulting and Steve to oversee your church or charity’s finances.

Mike Fix, Evangelist, Granite State Church of Christ

As Treasurer of the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ, working with Steve Smith has been a pleasure and learning experience. Steve’s knowledge of accounting, tax law and church finances has helped our church make the annual budget a living, functional document that keeps the church cash flow positive while meeting unexpected needs. Steve is easy to work with and is responsive to our needs.

Richard Harper, Treasurer, Pioneer Valley Church of Christ

 Steve Smith and the STS Consulting team have been an encouraging addition to our leadership of the Oahu Church of Christ. We saved a considerable amount of money hiring STS versus hiring a local administrator. Their years of experience bring excellent administrative support. We appreciate their professionalism and expediency. As an evangelist, I’m comforted knowing that the staff and the Oahu Church are set up administratively for the future. If your congregation is looking for an exceptional and cost- efficient way to do church administration, STS Consulting is the answer.

Anthony Galang, Evangelist, Oahu Church of Christ

It has been a pleasure to work with Steve Smith for the past two years. The transition from our former administrator was seamless and Steve was an integral part of that transition. He provides timely, accurate reports to our board on a monthly basis. He has tailored his reporting to meet the specific needs of our church. His experience is invaluable to us to ensure that we are in compliance with the unique tax and reporting issues related to churches.

Jeff Richards, Treasurer, Granite State Church of Christ