• Heather Ferrer

Steve's Christmas Gift Ideas

If you wait for this time of year to do your shopping, you’re in luck. This time of year offers great opportunity with myriad online offerings available.


It’s the Christmas Season and time to start planning gifts, if you haven’t done so already. You may be trying to find something "off the beaten track" or trying to figure out a gift for someone who seems to have everything.

Family members and close friends, are of course, those who we think of first when it comes to our Christmas gift list. This year, however, (and in years to come) don't forget to include the people who you work with consistently or occasionally who go above and beyond the call of duty and may not get any recognition for it. The vendors, or members of the service industry, or volunteers who take care of things and make sure that everything runs well behind the scenes are also important to consider when you do your shopping this year.

Whether you are looking for something personal, practical or memorable, below you will find some of Steve's best ideas (in no particular order) to help you.


1. A Gift Card for the Sommelier (or Wine Aficianado)

This is an especially great purchase for a holiday gift. offers incredible selections sure to please the tastes of any wine lover or even the occasional wine drinker. Because there is never a wrong time to have a good wine on hand, this card is sure to be an excellent way to encourage or to say, “Thanks!”. Cards can be bought in increments from $25 to $500 and are sent in a personalized card straight to the recipient.


2. Oprah’s Gift List: Oprah’s Favorite Things

On this site there is an article that reviews Oprah’s favorite food, drink and kitchen things on Amazon. She gives her personal reasons for her selections and has included a wide array of items sure to be a favorite gift. Many are environmentally friendly and/or purposeful, and several are daily use items for which the recipient will be thankful.


3. The Grommet: Unique and Unusual Gifts The Grommet

Unique gifts for all occasions. If you are looking for a meaningful and ‘out of the box’ idea, peruse their selection. The Grommet researches products and categorizes items according to occasions and interests.


4. Gift Certificate for a Culinary Tour (in their local area or yours, if they travel)

Treating someone to a day or night out enjoying delicious regional foods and beverages is a great way to show appreciation. You can search any city or state for local tours tailored to anyone’s likes and interests. Almost every state offers guided tours of popular restaurants and/or wineries with varied cuisine. Be sure to do a little research to check reviews and availability. Groupon and TripAdvisor are easy ways to find and gift this experience. Search: Culinary Tour. (TripAdvisor,


5. Coffee or Tea Blends - Tea Forte and Bean Box

Very practical and well-received, coffee and tea samplers are one of the easiest ways encourage a wide range of tastes. Bean Box offers coffee samplers as well as samplers with food pairings. Tea Forte does the same with teas. They each offer various portion sizes, along with an array of roasts and flavors in well-designed packaging.


6. Portable Phone Charger - Anker

For people who are often on their phones or on the go, this is a great gadget. You can choose a portable charger for its recharge speed, compactness or versatility. This Anker charger offers an ultra-high capacity charging ability (multiple charges when the charger is full), simultaneous charging for more than one device, and universal compatibility at a reasonable price.


7. Smart Charging Dock Station by Simicore

Nowadays, owning multiple devices is quite common. Having a way to effectively organize and charge these devices, is not. Simicore has created a docking station for up to four smartphones, tablets or other gadgets (Apple, Samsung, Google, and more). It is compact, sturdy and efficient. If you’re looking for a practical gift that will be extremely useful, this and the Anker charger are great options.


8. FlexSafe - The Aquavault

Another thoughtful purchase for those who travel often. FlexSafe offers a range of portable safes at reasonable prices to ensure your valuables are kept secure and/or dry while you are out and about in public places.


9. Customizable Gear - Clove & Twine

High-quality, personalized gear, from tech to wearable, and more. You can put your logo or any logo or name on any of their well-designed items.


10. A host of great ideas - Uncommon Goods

An eclectic selection of gifts you may not have thought about otherwise. Uncommon Goods has great ideas for family members or anyone for which you need to shop.